We are so excited to announce the lineup of events for Virtual Hand Camp 2020! We hope you will be able to join us from Friday, August 28- Sunday, August 30, 2020 for our first-ever digital Hand Camp.

All events will be posted to our Facebook page and linked from this post as well. Since we are a public page on Facebook, you do not need an account to view any camp content, however an account is required to comment on posts. If you do not have a Facebook page, you can still participate by sending any call-to-action items to our info@handstolove.org email. Please indicate in your email if you authorize us to use what you share on social media, in our newsletter, and/or on our website.

Keep checking this post for updates on event times and details – it will be frequently updated!

If you have any photos to share from the weekend feel free to send them to us here!

Schedule of Events

Friday, August 28

6:00pm – Camp Kickoff and Welcome Video

6:30pm – Announcement of July & August Hand Camp HEROES nominees

Saturday, August 29

9:00am – Sports Activity: 2020 Challenge! Check the Hands to Love Facebook page at 9:00am for the details of the challenge. All participants will receive H2L swag in the mail!

9:30am – Story Time with Izzy Hadala and Grace McClelland – Join two of our Hand Camp alumni as they read their original works, inspired by their real-life experiences with upper limb differences! Izzy will be reading her book The First Day Speech and Grace will be reading her book The Gift of Grace. After the readings, you will have a chance to win a SIGNED COPY of one of their books!

10:00am – Ask the AULDs – This session will give parents the opportunity to ask AULDs (Adults with Upper Limb Differences) questions about what it is like to live with an upper limb difference.

10:30am – Art Activity: Join us to do a special art activity celebrating 20 years of Hand Camp! For those who were registered for in-person camp, be on the lookout for your craft package coming in the mail soon and be sure to save your supplies for the weekend. If you were not registered for camp you can still participate! Our art director Miki has included alternate options so everyone can join the fun.

11:00am – Ask the AULDs, Kids Ask! – This session will give kids of all ages a chance to ask AULDs (Adults with Upper Limb Differences) questions about what it’s like to live with an upper limb difference. This session will be pre-recorded and we want to hear from YOU – we want to know what questions our campers have for the AULDs! This Q&A is open to kids of all ages. You can submit questions by clicking here or by emailing us at: info@handstolove.org.

12:00pm – Cooking Activity – Join Nicole Bello and make minion cupcakes!

Supply List:

    • 1 box of (any) cake mix
    • Cupcake holders (preferably yellow and blue)
    • Blue icing
    • Candy eyeballs
    • Black decorative icing
    • Black or brown sprinkles
    • 1 box of Twinkies
    • 1 butter knife (to cut the Twinkies)
    • at least 2 cupcake pans

1:30pm – GRiP Lab Tour & Demonstration – This session will include time with one of our favorite volunteer groups, GRiP, and give us the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at their lab. After the lab tour there will be a short Q&A on the Hands to Love Facebook page. Click here to view and download the GRiP device catalog!

3:00pm – STEM Activities: Join us in extracting the DNA from a strawberry, and then build an up-cycled rocket ship.

Extracting DNA supply list:

    • Plastic ziplock-style bag
    • 1-2 strawberries
    • water
    • dish soap
    • salt
    • strainer (or something similar)
    • funnel
    • small bowl
    • cold rubbing alcohol
    • medicine dropper (optional)

5:30pm – LIVE: Tony Memmel Facebook Takeover + Concert – Join us LIVE as musician Tony Memmel takes over the Hands to Love Facebook page for a Q&A and concert! You do not want to miss this.

7:00pm – Saturday Night Talent Show:

Show off your Lip-sync skills through H2L’s virtual talent competition!

How does it work?

    1. Pick a song from one of the following genres or decades.
      1. Genres: Country, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock
      2. Decades: 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s
    2. Video you (or include your entire family) performing to the song. Get creative with dance moves, costumes, props, etc.) Utilize TikTok, karaoke apps, or just sing the song all on your own.
    3. Submit your video to H2L via two options:
      1. Share the video on the post about the Talent Show on the Hands to Love Facebook page
      2. Email the file to carly (at) handstolove.org by Saturday at 7:00pm to have us share the video for you
    4. Ask social media friends to share and like your video on the Hands to Love Facebook page. The video with the most likes by Sunday at noon wins a prize!

Sunday, August 30

11:30am – Special Guest: Rion Paige – Friend of Hands to Love, singer Rion Paige, is recording a special concert just for us that will premier on Sunday morning!

12:30pm – Virtual Hand Camp Recap Slideshow + Announcement of Talent Show winner!


updated 8-28-2020