Camp Registration

2022 Hand Camp

Hand Camp is the annual signature event for Hands to Love each year. 

2023 Hand Camp will be held at Keystone Camp and Conference Center in Starke, Florida, Friday March 31st through Sunday, April 2nd, 2023. Registration for families is currently closed. If you have additional questions, please contact us. Our current COVID-19 Policy is now available.

What Our Campers Have to Say

“What makes Hand Camp special for me and my family? Well, that’s easy. For my family, Hand Camp is not just a camp that we go to every year for kids with hand differences. It is an Annual Family Reunion consisting of patients, doctors, therapist, families and everyone involved in the process of making it all happen. Hand Camp has become part of our lives. A place where we have seen our children grow from babies to adults. A place where our family expands as we welcome new friends. A place where we can be one in the same. We love Hand Camp! We are Hand Camp!”


Miriam Rodriquez , Hand Camp Mother

“I have always treasured Jackie’s words after being at her first hand camp…”Camp is a place where people look for your differences not at them”

Deb Kenyon, Hand Camp Mother

“I will never forget the very first hand camp – Luke was only 7 and had never seen anyone else like him. We had the good fortune of bunking with another family whose son had the same exact rare condition as Luke, which was a unique and incomparable experience for Luke and our family. The camp director, Tony Oyenarte only had 4 fingers on one of his hands, just like Luke. Luke looked at him and said…”look mom, he has 4 fingers, just like me!” He and Tony spent the rest of the weekend, and for many years to come, “high fouring”!


Laurie Deems, Hand Camp Mom