Donor Challenge: (Founder’s Match – Dr. Paul & Ruthie Dell) – “Raise the Flag” – 4/21 7a-12p

At the beginning of every Hands to Love’s Hand Camp, we raise our Hands to Love flag; welcoming all the campers with limb-differences and their families! Our goal is to raise $70,000 which would fund the attendance of 60 limb-different campers and their families to camp!
Once 60 people have donated then our Raise the Flag Challenge will have been achieved and a $2000 donation will be added to the total raised for Hands to Love!

Match 1: “Families Involved Coffee” – 4/21 8a-8:59a

During our Families Involved Coffee hour, the first $1000 in donations will be matched!
Hands to Love desires not only to support the campers with limb differences but also their families so every morning and evening the adults gather to laugh, cry, ask questions, and offer precious support that can’t be received anywhere outside of camp. Throughout the day the adults also gather to discuss topics specific to caring for limb-different children or just to practice a little self-care.

Match 2: “Family Pals” – 4/21 9a-10:59a

The first $1500 in donations will be paired with the “Family Pal” Match!
Each family attending camp is paired with a special volunteer called a “family pal”, this person remains with the family for the entirety of camp so that the campers receive the extra support they need. Many Family Pals become lifelong friends of the family who visit each other all year long for years to come. Family Pals are sometimes physical or occupational therapists, or college students who sacrifice their weekends to make sure the campers have the best experience possible.

Match 3: (from John Hosman & Sean Branch) – “All the Activities” 4/21 11a-2:59p

Our Biggest Match of the Day!
Campers will frequently reach the tops of the ropes course or achieve something they never expected while at camp, the first $3000 in donations will be matched so that your donation can help us to achieve our goals as our campers do!
At Hands to Love Hand Camp children with limb differences get to learn that “difference does not equal disability” through their participation in archery, ropes climbing, horseback riding, art, STEM, and various sports. Hand Camp is a place where the campers are free to explore their abilities and overcome challenges in a safe place surrounded by people experiencing the same things at the same time all in their own unique ways.

Match 4: “Ask the AULDs” 4/21 3p-4:59p

The first $2500 donated will be matched by two of our AULDs!
An AULD is an Adult with an Upper Limb Difference. Most of the AULDs have been coming to Hands to Love Hand Camp since before they were adults and now they come to provide a unique perspective for the campers with limb differences and their families. They end up being role models campers to look up to as many have the same differences as the campers and a comfort to the parents as they are an example of how their child will do once they leave the nest. AULDs frequently spend their time at camp demonstrating how they do certain daily activities like putting their hair up and answering parent questions.

Match 5: “BBQ Dinner” 4/21 5p-5:59p

Gather round the table, the first $1000 in donations will be matched! Now that’s delicious 🙂
Every year a generous supporter comes to cook a wonderful BBQ dinner for all the Hands to Love Hand Campers and their families. Hands to Love Hand Camp would not exist without the help of all our supporters and large crew of volunteers. All of which go out of their way to help Hands to Love to give the campers a unique experience. Our volunteer tribe helps throughout the year in planning, setting up, and so much more! Meal times are when volunteers are able to take a break and take it all in. We appreciate them and your donation during this time would show them that you are behind them as they serve the Hands to Love Hand Campers each year!

Match 6: “Karaoke & S’mores” 4/21 6:00-7:00p

During this LAST hour of giving, the first $1000 in donations will be celebrated with a match!
Hands to Love Hand Campers celebrate each other at the end of the day with a party! They sing Karaoke, dance and eat s’mores around the fire. We are so grateful for all the donations we have received today – Help us celebrate this day of giving and Hand Camp by providing a last minute donation to get us closer to our goal!