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Hi! I am Maddie and I have proudly supported Hands to Love since 2018. At the time, I was in 6th grade, and I made necklaces and organized book drives with all proceeds benefiting this amazing organization. Fast forward to today, I am currently a high school sophomore and have continued my involvement with Hands to Love. Currently, I am making and selling friendship bracelets to raise awareness for those with hand differences. 

I was born with a condition called Polydactyly. In my case, that meant that I had two fully developed thumbs on my right hand. From the time I was very young up until now, my special hand has made me special! By learning more about what this organization aims to do, I found support. For the first time in my life, I understood that there were other children and adults with hands like mine. Hands to Love seeks to provide support for children who see something that they have that others might not.  

Making bracelets has been one of my favorite pastimes since elementary school. I love the connections and friendships I have formed by sharing my bracelet-making skills. These bracelets symbolize self-confidence and the importance of having impactful relationships with those you love. My bracelets aim to show the world that even children who others may deem “different,” are special in their own right, and they can have the same friendships as other children. 

Although I have not attended Hand Camp, I have been fortunate to go to an overnight summer camp. There, I learned the importance of meeting others with similar interests to my own. I cherish the friendships I made there and the “home away from home,” that camp is to me. Camp has allowed me to understand how vital it is to honor the unique qualities of others and see beyond myself.  

H2L has created a family that embraces differences and celebrates individuality. By donating the proceeds of my bracelet business to Hands to Love, I hope to inspire a generation full of caring, thoughtful people who truly see the importance of being a real friend.