By: Amanda Abes & Corinne Hutchison

During these unprecedented times participation in school can be difficult, especially for someone with an upper limb difference. Students with upper limb differences face the challenge of using school supplies for children who have both arms and hands. The following are a few adaptations that may help your child use school supplies a little bit easier! 

Adaptations aren’t for everyone, but we hope this series helps those who are in search of tools or ways to make their life or their child’s life a little easier. 


EaZyHold are silicone bands that make it, as the name implies, easier to hold objects. Whether it is a paint brush, a toothbrush or a toy. This product is designed after a universal cuff, but allows a variety of items to be used with it. 

They’re available on Amazon and on their website.

Mounted Table Top Scissors

These mounted table top scissors can be useful with one hand or a forearm. The scissors, once pushed down, the scissors automatically spring back into place and are ready for the next cut. The company that makes the table mounted scissors has a similar pair that isn’t table mounted. The push down table top scissors have a similar function, as they only require one hand or a forearm. 

These scissors can be found on Fun & Function’s website. 

Type Aid

The Type Aid is a great tool for increasing function for computer skills. The tool consists of a plastic clip that wraps around the palm of the hand and a metal rod. The metal rod has a soft tip that can be used to tap keys on a keyboard or even the buttons on a calculator. Users can type with a Type Aid on one hand or both hands. 

The Type Aid is available on Amazon or on eSpecial Needs.