Hand Camp

Hand Camp is the annual signature networking event that Hands to Love hosts each year at Camp Crystal Lake in Starke, FL. One weekend each spring, all of H2L comes together for an amazing themed weekend of adapted camp activities, networking and support groups, exciting special guests, parent pampering and meaningful camaraderie for children with upper limb differences. “At camp people look for your differences, not at them.” – Jackie Kenyon, H2L AULD

  • 2001 Theme: Helping Hands Overcome
  • 2002 Theme: Hands to Love
  • 2003 Theme: Get Connected , families, friends, hearts and hands
  • 2004 Theme: Find your Treasure
  • 2005 Theme: We Are Family
  • 2006 Theme: March Forth Together and Discover the Possibilities
  • 2007 Theme: We Are the Champions
  • 2008 Theme: We’re All in this Together, Hand in Hand, Hands to Love Goes Green!
  • 2009 Theme: H2L…Marvel at Us
  • 2010 Theme: Transform. Hand Camp 10th Anniversary
  • 2011 Theme: i-Can
  • 2012 Theme: Lucky to be me, Lucky to know you, and Lucky to Tri New Things
  • 2013 Theme: On a Noble Quest to Inspire
  • 2014 Theme: Keep Calm and Rock On
  • 2015 Theme: The Best of Hands to Love… the Adventure Continues

Special Guests

At hand camp you never know who might drop in… a world class athlete, a para-olympian, a professional juggler, the Florida Gators or a beauty queen! Through the years our annual event has been supported by many talented and amazing guests who understand our purpose and want to be a part of the Hands to Love cause.