Adults with upper limb differences or AULDs are a mix of campers who have grown up with H2L, graduated high school, and are now returning as volunteers, and those who discovered H2L in their adulthood. Our AULDs have a very special connection to H2L families.

AULDs are role models for children with upper limb differences (ULD), who many times have not seen another child or adult with an ULD. Through their actions, AULDs show children with ULDs that they too can grow up to be successful, normal adults. They also answer many questions that children have about growing up with ULDs from real-life experience. From sports to hygiene to friends and dating, AULDs have lived what our children with ULDs are going through and offer answers and advice like no one else can.

AULDs are also able to address many parents’ worries about their child’s physical and social development. AULDs provide reassurance from a “child’s perspective” that a child with an upper limb difference can grow to be a normal, thriving adult.

Meet some of our amazing AULDs:

  • Sean Branch
  • Dawn Dukes
  • Jackie Kenyon
  • Jerelyne Idica
  • Sarah Jankowski
  • Garrett Caslow
  • Fawn Smith
  • Annie Clinch
  • James Clinch
  • L. Lamar Wilson
  • Janet Hinchey
  • Brian Beckett