Family Network

Networking is at the heart of the Hands to Love mission. Families are an irreplaceable source of information, support and perspective for one another. H2L’s goal is to bring families together to share in the experience of raising a child with an upper limb difference, and we make that happen each step of the way…

At the Office

For many H2L families, networking begins long before they come to camp or even know about Hands to Love! The physicians and therapists at the University of Florida Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute work together with their colleagues to provide information and networking connections to families of children with upper limb differences. With the families’ permission, they are linked together based on where they live, the age of their children, and the type of ULD the child has.

At Hand Camp

Networking is a major part of the Hand Camp experience. Thoughtfully planned and guided networking and support sessions address the needs of children with ULDs and their parents and siblings. Plenty of fun and relaxing activities and family-style meals give children and parents the chance to connect, play and talk with one another. The strong bonds made between children and families extend through the rest of the year, and make it hard to wait for next year’s Hand Camp!


H2L has created a safe, secure and regulated online social network specifically for its families. With special sections for parents and children, the online network gives families a place to interact, share stories, and ask and answer questions.