Code of conduct

We welcome families of children with upper limb differences from toddlers through eighth grade to join us every year.

Hands to Love strives to provide an environment in which our campers and their family can learn and grow. To that end, it is important that each camper and their family members review and agree with the principles that will help us accomplish this standard. Please review this code of conduct with all family members that will be in attendance. It is imperative that you understand your responsibility to honor this code of conduct.

Hands to Love is a camp in where all attendees:

  • Will treat each other with kindness and respect.
  • Will cooperate with each other and try to keep a positive attitude.
  • Will not act in a way that can be construed as disrespectful, mean or violent and will not use foul language.
  • Will not show inappropriate public displays of affection.
  • Will keep the curfew and all other camp rules as outlined by the Camp Director during orientation.
  • Will respect the privacy and property rights of others.
  • Will participate and be on time to all facets of the camp program.
  • Will not bring any alcoholic beverages or illegal substances on the camp grounds.
  • Will not bring knives, guns, or weapons of any kind to camp.
  • Will keep all medication, prescription or over the counter secured at all times in their locked vehicles or checked in with camp medical staff. At no time should any medication be left in the cabins.