Apply to Volunteer at Hand Camp

The application to volunteer for Teen Camp or Hand Camp 2019 will open on December 7, 2018, and close on January 31, 2019.

Volunteer Application

H2L is sustained by our incredible corps of volunteers. From medical professionals to students to adults with upper limb differences (AULDs), each volunteer is chosen for their passion, commitment, and ability to serve the H2L families.

Our Volunteers

  • Medical Professionals: Orthopedists, occupational and physical therapists, dentists, mental health counselors and nurses have all enriched our families’ H2L experience. Our volunteer medical professionals give their time to help families adapt and thrive both physically and emotionally.
  • Students: H2L enjoys a special relationship with the University of Florida College of Medicine, College of Health and Human Performance, and Occupational Therapy program. OT students typically begin volunteering with H2L in undergrad and stay with the organization through graduation from their master’s program. Typically serving as “Family Pals,” this arrangement gives our student volunteers and families the chance to build relationships over the years and provides a practical forum for medical professionals and older students to mentor younger ones.
  • AULDS: Adults with upper limb differences (AULDs) are a mix of campers who have grown up with H2L, graduated high school, and are now returning as volunteers, and those who discovered H2L in their adulthood. Our AULDs have a very special connection to H2L families and help both children and parents through sharing their own personal experiences and serving as the best possible role models of success.

Volunteer Roles

  • Family Pals: Family Pal volunteers attend Hand Camp where they are matched and stick with a family throughout the weekend. Part big brother/sister, part adventure guide, part schedule-keeper, our Family Pals to help guide families through camp experience and make sure they have what they need.
  • Administrative: Our administrative volunteers serve on camp planning committees and assist with general office duties, and event and fundraising planning and oversight.
  • Events: Volunteers who help with H2L events work on one specific function (like a golf tournament or spa night) to set up, coordinate, and take down related activities.
  • Fundraising: Fundraising volunteers are individuals or businesses who donate time or services and/or products to H2L to help raise money for the organization. These activities can include participating in networking/letter-writing campaigns, organizing a school or work fundraiser, grant writing, or helping connect H2L with potential donors.