About Us

Hands to Love (affectionately nicknamed H2L) is an organization for children with upper limb differences and their families. The H2L network of families is coordinated by volunteers from many walks of life including medical, educational  and  family support professionals, and includes family-to-family mentoring,  signature events like Hand Camp, and a dynamic online resource complete with a safe social network!

We welcome families with children that have upper extremity limb differences of all ages…

  • Tiny tots: Parents face many challenges when their child is born with a limb difference. H2L is here to provide support for those families. We have developed special programming for parents of very young children (0-4). H2L offers solutions and easy-to-understand advice from medical professionals, as well as a network of families who have lived through the same experiences.
  • Elementary & Middle Schoolers: As children enter the elementary and middle school years they realize that they are “different,” and generally start asking and being asked questions about their difference. This is also a time when bullying or teasing may occur. Based on experiences shared by our kids, parents and professional volunteers, H2L is ready with answers, activities and adaptations to help empower children and families, and prove that “difference does not equal disability.”
  • Teens: Our H2L high schoolers have earned “Cool Inspiring Teens” status. We provide fun, unique programming and special events to meet the needs of our CITs, and also give them a chance to mentor and inspire younger members of the H2L family as junior counselors at Hand Camp.
  • Adults: Our Adults with Upper Limb Differences or AULDs are treasured in the H2L family. AULDs volunteer their time, advice and knowledge of life’s challenges with a limb difference to parents and children. Our AULDs inspire and reassure parents and kids that a child with an upper limb difference can grow to be a normal, successful adult.